Amazon Relay vs DAT Load Board: Which One Is Better?

Amazon Relay vs DAT Load Board: Which One Is Better?

Our Verdict

DAT emerges as the winner in the battle between the two shipping platforms. Choose DAT Load Board, If you want to transport freight for multiple shippers. Not only that, It offers a wider variety of loads than Amazon Relay, as well as a number of features that can help you find and book loads, such as advanced search, carrier ratings, and load alerts.

Amazon Relay on the other hand is a good choice if you want to specialize in hauling Amazon freight. It offers a number of features that make it easy to find and book Amazon loads. However, it only offers Amazon freight, so it is not a good option if you are considering hauling a variety of freight.

Consider some of the areas DAT Load Board defeat Amazon Relay 

  • Offers a wider selection of loads: DAT load board has a wider selection of loads than Amazon Relay, including loads from a variety of shippers. This makes DAT load boards a good choice for you if you haul freight for a variety of customers.
  • Has more features: DAT load boards offer more features than Amazon Relay, such as load filtering and historical rate data. This can be helpful for you if you are looking for specific types of loads or if you want to track historical rates.
  • Is more popular: DAT load boards have been around for a long time, which means that they are more established and have a larger user base. This gives you access to book loads from a variety of shippers.

Nevertheless, If you want to work exclusively with Amazon and enjoy its benefits, such as quick payment, guaranteed rates, and easy booking, then Amazon Relay can be a good option for you. And, if you want to have more flexibility and variety in your loads and access to a larger network of shippers and brokers, then DAT Load Board can be more suitable for you. Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

Why Choose Amazon Relay

Who Is Amazon Relay Best For?

Go for Amazon Relay if you:

  • Want to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and gain access to Amazon’s freight network.
  • Have a variety of vehicles, including dry vans, reefers, box trucks, and port and rail drayage.
  • Meet Amazon’s strict safety and compliance standards.
  • Need a transparent and easy-to-use platform to find and book work.
  • Are looking for the opportunity to grow your business with Amazon.

Who Amazon Relay Is Not Right For

Consider another alternative if you:

  • Have only one type of vehicle.
  • Are not able to meet Amazon’s strict safety and compliance standards.
  • Value long-term contract.
  • Are not comfortable using technology.

Why Choose DAT Load Board

Who is DAT Load Board Best For 

Think of DAT Load Board if you:

  • Require advanced search tools that help carriers find loads that fit their needs.
  • Want credit scores and reviews for brokers.
  • Seek comprehensive load information.
  • Demand real-time load information.
  • Need a wide variety of loads.

Who DAT Load Board Is Not Right For

Opt for another option if you:

  • Are just starting your business.
  • Seek a particular type of load.
  • Search for the cheapest loads.
  • Need occasional loads.

Amazon Relay vs DAT Load Board: Main Differences 

Ideal For

Choose Amazon Relay if you specialize in transporting Amazon freight. DAT Load Board is a good option for you if you are a carrier who hauls a variety of freight.


keep in mind that Amazon Relay is a subscription-based service, with plans starting at $99 per month. DAT Load Board, on the other hand, charges a per-load fee. The cost DAT Load Board charges varies depending on the equipment type, distance, and other factors.

Standout Features

In terms of features, DAT Load Board has a slight edge over Amazon Relay. The reason is, It offers a wider range of features and more flexibility in terms of payment terms. These features include the ability to search for loads by equipment type, distance, and other factors, as well as the ability to post loads for free

However, Amazon Relay offers several features to cater to your needs as an Amazon carrier. These features include the ability to book loads directly from the Amazon Seller Central platform, real-time load tracking, and access to Amazon’s network of warehouses and distribution centers.


Amazon Relay and DAT Load Board are both great options for carriers and shippers. The best platform for you depends on your specific needs and budget. If you are an Amazon shipper, Amazon Relay is a great option. If you are looking for a more comprehensive load board with a wider range of features, DAT Load Board is a good choice.

Amazon Relay Standout Features 

Real-time load matching

In real-time, Amazon Relay utilizes machine learning to pair you with loads as a carrier. This matching process considers factors like your location, equipment, and preferences, ultimately resulting in faster delivery times and reduced costs when Amazon assigns loads to you.

Transparent payment rates

Keep in mind that Amazon Relay provides transparent payment rates. With this information, you can know precisely how much you’re going to pay  for each load. This approach reduces disputes and guarantees that you get fair compensation for your work.

In-app navigation and communication

In Amazon Relay’s mobile app, you access turn-by-turn navigation and real-time communication with shippers. This can help you improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Easy load booking and scheduling

Take advantage of Amazon Replay’s easy load booking and scheduling tool to easily book and schedule loads. Also, you can view available loads on the platform and directly book them, so that you avoid the need to go through a third party.

24/7 customer support

Amazon Relay offers you 24/7 customer support. This means you can always get help if you have any questions or problems as a carrier.

DAT Load Board Standout Features

Comprehensive freight listings

You have over 536 million loads and trucks posted annually on DAT Load Board, providing you with a vast pool of potential matches as a carrier or shipper.

Pricing tools

You can find a variety of pricing tools on the DAT Load Board, including the TriHaul tool that assists you in discovering higher-paying routes, and the LaneMakers tool that aids you in finding carriers for your most challenging lanes.

Detailed information about brokers and shippers

The DAT Load Board offers you detailed information about brokers and shippers, including credit scores, average time to pay, and other trustworthiness factors. This information can assist you in making informed decisions about which loads to book.

Unlimited truck posting and load searches

The DAT Load Board offers you unlimited truck posting and load searches for all subscription levels. This means you can post as many loads or search for as many loads as you want, without having to worry about paying extra fees.

The DAT One mobile app

The DAT One mobile app provides you with on-the-go access to the DAT Load Board. This becomes an excellent choice for you if you are frequently on the road.

Real-time load updates

The platform’s mobile app updates your load listings in real-time, so you can be sure that you are always seeing the most up-to-date information.

Fraud protection

The DAT Load Board implements various fraud protection measures to assist in safeguarding you as a carrier or shipper against fraudulent activities.

Pros and Cons Amazon Relay 


  • Gives access to a wider range of loads than many other reight-matching platforms. 
  • Offers drivers access to training and resources that can help them improve their skills and become more successful.
  • Provides carriers with increased visibility into the freight market.
  • Enables carriers to improve their efficiency by providing them with tools such as real-time navigation and communication.
  • Helps carriers to reduce their costs by providing them with transparent payment rates and by helping them to find more efficient routes.
  • Handles all paperwork for shippers so that they can focus on their business.


  • Pays a lower rate than the market rate for hauling loads.
  • Comes with strict requirements for carriers and drivers who want to join the program
  • Has high expectations for service level and performance.
  • Limits your flexibility and autonomy as a carrier or driver. 
  • Offers Amazon Relay app for communication and navigation, which might not be user-friendly or reliable. 

Pros and Cons of DAT Load Board


  • Provides you with the most current and accurate information on freight rates and market conditions 
  • Helps you plan your trips and maximize your profits.
  • Gives you access to detailed information about brokers and shippers, such as credit scores, reviews, average days to pay, and more.
  • Gives access to the largest load board.
  • Provides an easy-to-use platform.


  • Involves a lot of competition from other carriers and brokers.
  • Charges a monthly or annual subscription fee to access the platform and its features.
  • Does not guarantee the quality or safety of the loads or the trucks on the platform.
  • Does not provide much support or assistance to its users.

Amazon Relay vs DAT Load Board: Customer Reviews

Amazon Relay has a Trustpilot page with 1,231 reviews and an average rating of 2.1 out of 5 stars. Most of the reviews are negative, with 79% of them giving 1 star. The common complaints are about poor customer service, delayed or missing payments, low rates, long wait times, and technical issues with the app. 

Amazon Relay vs Dat Load Board: Competitors

Truckstop Load Board

Check out the Truckstop Load Board—it’s one of the biggest and most well-liked load boards out there. It helps truckers find over 400 million loads each year and offers tools to improve routes and earnings. You can find cool stuff like heat maps, rate analyses, fuel discounts, cargo insurance, and payment options. It’s like a rival to Dat Load Board, but Truckstop might have a bigger load selection and fancier features.

Motive (Formerly KeepTruckin)

If you’re looking for a platform which  specializes in fleet management, safety, compliance, and effectiveness, think of Motive. Its range of offerings includes electronic logging devices, dash cams, GPS tracking, fuel tax reporting, driver coaching, vehicle maintenance, and additional services. When it comes to competition, Motive is up against Amazon Relay and Dat Load Board. It offers you a load board that connects carriers, drivers, shippers, and brokers. What really makes Motive unique is its focus on providing you with more comprehensive and unified solutions that are specifically tailored to the trucking sector.

Descartes MacroPoint

Descartes MacroPoint is like a computer helper for you, helping you send and organize shipments. It allows you to keep track of where your items are and alerts you about any issues. It informs you about delays or problems in the shipping process and provides you with factual reports about its performance. Another tool, Amazon Relay, offers similar features, but Descartes MacroPoint appears to have a wider range of capabilities and tends to leave users more satisfied.


Cargobase is a website that assists you in managing your last-minute freight needs. You can use it to search for, compare, book, track, and pay for various transportation options. Additionally, Cargobase provides you with reports detailing your financial outlay and your efficiency in handling these eleventh-hour shipments. When compared to Dat Load Board, another platform aiding carriers and drivers in locating shipments, Cargobase stands out for its emphasis on last-minute freight and its user-friendly features.

Pro Tips

  • Update your profile: Regularly update your profile information, including equipment types, capacity, and contact details. This helps Amazon Relay match you with suitable loads.
  • Be responsive: Promptly accept or decline load offers. Quick responses enhance your reliability and improve your chances of getting more loads in the future.
  • Communicate: Maintain open communication with the Amazon Relay team and shippers. Clear communication helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures smooth operations.
  • Plan efficiently: Use the Amazon Relay app to plan your route and manage your trips efficiently. This can help you optimize fuel usage and reduce downtime.
  • Set filters: Use advanced search filters on DAT load boards to narrow downloads based on your preferences, such as lane, rate, and equipment type. This saves time by showing you relevant loads.
  • Check reviews: DAT load boards often have a review system for brokers and shippers. Check these reviews to gauge the reliability and trustworthiness of potential partners.
  • Verify information: Before accepting a load, verify important details such as rates, payment terms, and pickup/delivery requirements. Clear agreements prevent disputes later.
  • Check market trends: Keep an eye on market trends and lane rates. This information can help you negotiate better rates and make informed decisions about which loads to take.
  • Stay Professional: Maintain professionalism in your communication with brokers and shippers. A good reputation can lead to more opportunities and better relationships in the industry.


Understand that Amazon Relay is a newer load board that allows you  haul Amazon freight. It offers a variety of features that are tailored to Amazon shippers, such as access to Amazon loads that are not available on other load boards, real-time load updates, transparent pricing, and easy-to-use booking tools.

DAT Load Board on the other hand is a more established load board that offers a wider range of loads from a variety of shippers. It also has several features that are not available on Amazon Relay, such as historical load data, a rating and review system, load filtering tools, and a message board.

Ultimately, the best load board for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you haul Amazon freight exclusively, then Amazon Relay is a good option. If you haul a variety of freight, then DAT Load Board is a better choice.

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