BECU vs USAA Personal Credit Cards

BECU vs USAA Personal Credit Cards: Which One Is Better?

Our Verdict

Both BECU (Boeing Employees Credit) and USAA have strong track records. BECU receives praise for its customer-centric approach and commitment to supporting its members. It maintains a solid reputation for providing competitive rates and reliable services. Coming to USAA, you have a financial institution with an excellent reputation for its dedication to serving the military community. Its customer service is credible, as it consistently strives to offer tailored financial solutions to its members.

You can’t deny that both BECU and USAA personal credit cards have their merits. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs, affiliations, and preferences. BECU maintains strong ties to Boeing and its customer-oriented approach makes it an excellent option if you’re a Boeing employee and affiliate. USAA focuses on the military community and the comprehensive benefits it offers makes it an attractive choice if you’re a military personnel or relative of a member of the armed forces. Therefore, BECU versus USAA personal credit cards product tie. 

Why Choose BECU Personal Credit Cards

Who BECU Personal Credit Cards Is Best For

Consider getting a BECU personal credit card if you

  • Are a Boeing employee or individual with a strong affiliate with Boeing
  • Seek competitive rates and low fees
  • Look for a credit card with exceptional customer service
  • Want a range of credit card options, including rewards programs and secured cards.

Who BECU Personal Credit Cards Isn’t Best For

Think of other alternatives if you:

  • Have no affiliate with or connected to Boeing or its affiliated companies.
  • Prioritize credit card features and benefits BECU doesn’t offer.
  • Look for credit cards with specialized perks or rewards outside of BECU’s offerings.
  • Seek credit cards with specific industry affiliations or targeted benefits that do not relate to Boeing.

Why Choose USAA Personal Credit Cards

Who USAA Personal Credit Cards Is Best For

Consider USAA personal credit cards if you:

  • Are a military member, or have ties to the armed forces.
  • Are a family of military personnel
  • Seek tailored benefits for military lifestyles
  • Look for cashback rewards and travel perks

Who USAA Personal Credit Cards Isn’t Best For

Feel free to consider other alternatives if you

  • Are a non-military individual without any connection to the armed forces
  • Prioritize credit cards with specific affiliations or benefits outside of the military community. 

BECU vs USAA Personal Credit Cards: Main Differences

BECU Personal Credit Cards USAA Personal Credit Cards 
Ideal ForBoeing employees and affiliatesRates and fees perksExcellent customer serviceRewards programs and tailored credit card optionsMilitary members and their familiesCredit cards tailored benefits for military lifestylesCashback, interest rates, and rewardsTheft resolution and rental car insurance coverage.
Pricing No annual fee on most personal credit cards. No annual fee with APR starting at 14.40%.
Standout Features Competitive interest ratesLow feesEnticing rewards programsUnique secured card optionStrong customer serviceTailored benefits for military members and their familiesCompetitive interest ratesRobust cashback rewardsRental car insurance coverage.

BECU vs USAA Personal Credit Cards: Standout Features

BECU Personal Credit Cards

  • Competitive rates. BECU is all about keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket. It offers competitive interest rates that can save you some serious cash. So, if you want to keep those interest charges low, consider BECU personal credit cards.
  • Rewards programs. Earn points or cash back each time you make a purchase. It’s like getting a little something extra every time you swipe your card. Who doesn’t love that?
  • Secured credit card option. If you want to build or rebuild your credit, a BECU personal credit card is perfect for you. By putting down a security deposit, you can get yourself a credit card and start working towards a stronger credit history. It’s a smart move if you’re trying to improve your financial standing.
  • Customer service. BECU takes pride in taking care of its members. It goes the extra mile to provide top-notch customer service and make sure you enjoy its products. So, if you ever have any questions or concerns, know that BECU is there to assist you.
  • Fees perk. BECU keeps its fees in check, so you have nothing to worry about any surprise charges eating into your budget. The credit union understands that every penny counts, and it wants to help you keep more of your money where it belongs—with you! It offers no annual fees on most of its personal credit cards with fair APR. 

USAA Personal Credit Cards

  • Tailored benefits for military members and their families. USAA personal credit cards take care of your unique needs if you’re a military member or have a strong affiliate with the military. The United Services Automobile Association understands the demands and challenges that come with a military lifestyle, so its personal credit cards come with features that align with those requirements.
  • Competitive interest rates. When it comes to interest rates, USAA knows how to keep things competitive for you. It strives to offer attractive rates that can save you money in the long run. 
  • Cashback rewards. Get ready to earn some cashback! USAA personal credit cards come with rewarding cashback programs that allow you to earn money back on your purchases. So every time you use your card, you’re getting a little something extra in return.
  • Identity theft resolution services. USAA understands the importance of safeguarding your personal information. That’s why its personal credit cards come with identity theft resolution services. In case you fall victim to identity theft, USAA is there to help you resolve the situation and get your life back on track.
  • Rental car insurance coverage. Planning to rent a car for your next adventure? USAA is there for you. The financial institution’s personal credit cards provide rental car insurance coverage, which means you can hit the road with confidence, knowing that someone is watching your back.

Pros and Cons of BECU Personal Credit Cards


  • Offers competitive rates
  • Charges no annual fees
  • Provides excellent customer service
  • Offers tailored services for Boeing employees and affiliates.


  • Offers limited eligibility for those not affiliated with Boeing or its partners
  • Provides benefits that are more specific to Boeing-related needs
  • Requires good to excellent credit score.

Pros and Cons of USAA Personal Credit Cards


  • Offers tailored benefits for military members and their families.
  • Gives competitive interest rates
  • Offers cashback rewards
  • Provides identity theft resolution services
  • Covers rental car insurance
  • Charges no monthly or annual fee. 


  • Entails limited eligibility for non-military individuals
  • Demands affiliation with the military may be necessary for certain benefits or features. 
  • Requires good to excellent credit score. 

BECU vs USAA Personal Credit Cards: Customer Reviews

BECU attracts a poor rating of 1.8-star on TrustPilot based on 54 customer reviews. Angry customers mention the credit union’s insincerity and poor customer service. USAA also attracts a poor rating on TrustPilot. It has a 1.3-star rating based on 2,100 customer reviews. When you compare the rating, USAA does much better to have a 1.3-star rating by 2,100 different clients. Unlike BECU, it maintains a 1.8-star rating based on 54 patron reviews. 

Remember that the ratings focus on the financial institutions’ general banking services and are not specific to the personal credit cards products only. 

BECU and USAA Personal Credit Cards: Competitors

Chase Bank

Discover the world of Chase Bank personal credit cards. Explore its wide range of options and find the perfect fit for your financial needs. Enjoy competitive interest rates, generous rewards programs, and valuable benefits. From cashback to travel rewards, Chase offers a variety of ways to earn and redeem rewards. 

Experience the convenience of online and mobile banking, making managing your credit card effortless. With excellent customer service and a trusted reputation, Chase Bank personal credit cards provide you a reliable and rewarding credit card experience. 

Navy Federal Credit Union

Explore a range of readymade options for your financial needs. Enjoy competitive interest rates and attractive rewards programs that maximize your savings.  Experience exceptional customer service that puts your satisfaction first. Whether you’re seeking cashback rewards, travel benefits, or a low-interest rate, Navy Federal Credit Union has a personal credit card to suit your lifestyle. Take the next step towards your financial goals and consider the offerings of Navy Federal Credit Union for your personal credit card needs.

Pro Tips

To ensure you get the right personal credit cards that meet your needs, 

  • Check your credit score
  • Compare interest rates and fees
  • Understand the terms and conditions
  • Determine your spending habits and rewards preferences
  • Consider your financial goals
  • Research different credit card options
  • Apply for a card that aligns with your needs and eligibility
  • Use credit responsibly and make timely payments
  • Monitor your credit card statements and activity regularly
  • Utilize credit card benefits and rewards effectively.


BECU and USAA personal credit cards offer different credit solutions. If you’re a Boeing employee or affiliated with the company, BECU may be an attractive choice due to its close ties and specialized services. Its low fees and emphasis on your satisfaction can also be appealing to you if you’re seeking a reliable credit card option. USAA does not lag behind in its offer of personal credit cards especially for anyone who is a military personnel or has a strong affiliation with any member of the armed forces.

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